Why Trivia? And Why Reel Genius?

People love to play trivia!  We're actually a little surprised ourselves by how much.  Of course, we're big-time trivia lovers, but we didn't realize what an appetite people seem to have for it!  This is great news if you own a Humboldt County bar, brewery, or restaurant and are looking to get some more folks in your door.

Why Reel Genius Trivia?  Well, we think we're the best game in Humboldt County.  We take our trivia games (and driving up your customer count) very seriously.  We have professional trivia hosts who arrive at your business with everything they need to entertain your customers, from printed materials to our own sound systems.  Our quizzes are carefully constructed so that everyone will feel included.  Most clients find that our games are so fun, people come back week after week and become regulars.  And they bring their friends.

We can take your slowest night and fill your place with customers that remain for our two hour games.  How do we know this?  Because we do it all the time!

Give us a try...we think you'll be hooked on Reel Genius too!

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