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Welcome to the Siren's Song Tavern!


Reel Genius Trivia is very happy to announce that we'll be starting trivia nights at The Siren's Song Tavern in Eureka!  First evening is Tuesday, Jan 28 (check back for time) and future trivia nights will be the 4th Tuesday of each month.  Come check it out!

Angelo's Kicks Off with NFL Trivia!


Reel Genius Trivia is thrilled to announce that we'll be starting trivia nights at a Humboldt County institution:  Angelo's Pizza Parlor!  Trivia will be every other Monday, starting Monday, Jan 27.  To celebrate the Super Bowl just one week later, the Jan 27 trivia will be NFL themed.  See you there, sports (and trivia) fans!

Help Wanted!


Help!  Seems like everybody loves a good trivia night...we're growing faster than expected and need trivia hosts.  If you've been to our games and hosting looks fun to you (spoiler is!) please let us know.  Where else can you get paid for just hanging out and reading some questions for a couple hours?!  If interested, you can use the "Contact Us" link at bottom of this page...or just come chat with one of our hosts at your next game.

Free Answer of the Day

Wed 1/22/20:

Here is a free answer from our next quiz so you can impress your teammates.  It's only good for the date indicated.  We'll let you figure out when to use it...we can't do everything for you!

Where and When are the Trivia Games?

Click on "Where to Play" at the top of the page.  We're just getting started in Humboldt County, so check back frequently.  We may be at your favorite place soon!

In fact, if you're a regular at a place that needs a good trivia night, drop us a line below.  We'll contact them and give you all the credit!


About Us


Whether you’re new to trivia or a regular quiz wiz, we think you’ll find our format fun and entertaining.  Games last under two hours giving you plenty of time to enjoy a round or two and socializing with friends.  In fact, we’ll play a song after each question as a “timer” for consulting with your teammates and getting your answer in.  Played over four rounds, we feature a mix of easy and challenging questions taken from a broad array of topics.  These questions are designed so everyone on your team can contribute!


Worried about competing?  Don’t be...because you get to assign a point value to your answer...and after you hear the question!  Sure you know this one?  Go for max points!  Get one that seems a little tough?  Make that one your low point answer.  And the game concludes with a final question where you can wager some of your accumulated make up ground or maybe distance your lead. 

Gather up some friends or family and come give it a try!  We think you’ll become hooked playing trivia the Reel Genius way!


Contact Us

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